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Here’s London indie kids Childhood and their newest friend, a donkey. 

Read our interview with the band about the road to debut album, ‘Lacuna’, here.

Twin Atlantic aren’t too good at putting up tents.

Read an interview with the band. Which isn’t about tents.


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Here’s one of our Superfood zines in the wild - those who were lucky enough to grab one, where do you keep yours?

We have to encourage girls at a very young age that they are capable of being exceptional. For whatever they show real interest in, the passion we foster within young girls must be stronger and louder than the voices that tell them they aren’t good enough.

Hayley Williams in DIY Magazine August 2014 (via germknodel)

Can we get a HELL YEAH for Hayley?!


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DIY’s in some good company, by the looks of this!